Property History for 436 Carolwood Ln NE

436 Carolwood Ln Ne, Sandy Springs, GA 30342
436 Carolwood Ln Ne, Sandy Springs, GA 30342

436 Carolwood Ln Ne, Sandy Springs, GA 30342 is a single family home for sale, and has been listed on the market for 1 day. 436 Carolwood Ln NE is in the Sandy Springs neighborhood, which has a median listing price of $525,000. The median listing price for Sandy Springs is 7% less than Sandy Springs at $639,950, and 195% greater than GA at $200,000. Nearby neighborhoods like have a median listing price of $590,000. The schools near 436 Carolwood Ln NE include High Point Elementary School, Ridgeview Charter School, and Cross Keys High School, which are all in the Elementary School: High Point, High School: Riverwood International Charter, and Middle School: Ridgeview Charter district. There are similar and nearby single family homes for sale include 320 Mystic Ridge Ln, 5295 Green Hill Pl, and 800 Starlight Dr.

‘Basic Listing Information: 436 Carolwood Ln NE is more than just a Sandy Springs, GA address. It is a home with 3 beds, 2 baths, and 1,423 square feet. At $$525,000 it is a Sandy Springs property for sale.’

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